The Housing Authority of the West Point (WPHA) was chartered as a non-profit corporation in 1950 by the State of Mississippi to provide decent, safe and sanitary housing to the low-income citizens of West Point. By contract with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as provided by the U. S. Housing Act of 1937, the Authority, a Public Housing Agency (PHA), is governed by a local 5 member Board of Commissioners. The Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor and Selectmen and each serve a 5 year term.

WPHA currently own and manages 190 public housing units units within the city of West Point. There are 14 handicap units with 6 being audiovisual units. WPHA initially owned 226 public housing units but 36 units were demolished to repeated flooding. Those units had flooded three times in the last 20 years with the last flood occuring in April 2011. Demolition was carried out with the cooperation of HUD and a partnership with New Horizons Development. WPHA has leased this property to New Horizons who constructed 40 affordable Housing uints on Forrest Street after 15 years these units revert back to the Housing Authority.

Our funding comes from HUD, local rental receipts, investments and grants. WPHA currently has 9 full-time and 1 part-time employees and a varying number of subcontractors who work in our Capital Fund Program.

Since 1996 HUD has recognized WPHA as a "High Performer" the year the scoring system was started. In fiscal year ending June 30, 2013, the WPHA received an assessment score of 95. This high performer status enables WPHA to capitalize on certain bonuses given by HUD which benefit the residents of WPHA.

West Point Housing Authority is a housing authority located in West Point, MS.